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Lessons about staying true to "You"

Sometimes I find myself thinking "why try?" or "whats the use, there are so many other artists out there who are more capable than I" well, id me lying if I never said this dialog to myself and you know what... its complete crap.

Why is it that we artists feel that feeling of insecurity about our own work? is it because its so personal? and If people don't like it they are rejecting a part of who we are at the most personal level? maybe so. If that is the case than I have some advice about keeping a positive frame of mind through the process of artistic self exposure...

#1: Be Kind To Yourself

It's so easy to go down the path of wordy self mutilation, and its allot harder sometimes to say kind words to yourself like "You got this! your on the right path, just keep doing what you love and it will all fall into place".

Saying nurturing things to your inner child - who only happens to be six years old - is vital. She or He needs your support too. Imagine that photo of you as a kid and remember to say nothing but positive things to him or her, why would we ever want to hurt or be negative to a child that wants to pursue their dreams? Treat yourself with love and positivity.

#2: Be Apart Of an Artistic Community

Yes! we have to somehow get out of our tiny singular work spaces and connect with others. This is also crucial if you want to stay afloat in knowing one of the most important facts about the working art world - You are not Alone!

There are many artists that go through similar ups and downs and it's important to remember this. Going to Drink and Draws, Conventions, Art Galleries, Art Fairs, or even sketching with your friends is just as important as creating by yourself. Stay connected!

#3: Do Life, not just Art

Going out into the world and experiencing all the things life has to offer can be uplifting, meditating, and reinvigorating. Keeping our noses glued to the easel, Watcom tablet, or sketchbooks is only part of it. Going out and visiting the things that inspire us to draw or paint are only pieces to that very large puzzle. Whatever it is that fills you up and sparks new ideas could never be labeled as a waste of time. Human beings were designed to take in the world and filter that through his or her own lenses. Experience this reality and share with us your view on the world. Live life, channel that, then create from those new resources.

Thanks for reading this lil blog O mine. It's been wonderful sharing with you. Keep creating from the heart, and I promise to do the

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