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Dragon-Con 2023

We'll! That time of the year has finally come once again, and Dragon-Con is nearly upon us with open wings ready to grant welcome.

Should you be in Atalanta Georgia, come check out the show Dragon-con! I'll be in the art show at the Hyatt Regency on Peach St August 31st - September 4th. Hope you can stop by. I'll have plenty of new originals, limited edition prints, books, buttons, pendants, tapestries and more!

Last year was my first ever attending dragon-con, and traveling across the United States from California to Atlanta Georgia, and that takes carefull packing and planning!

When I fly out to conventions like this, I usually use southwest because they allow two free checked bags when you fly, and those two bags are filled to the brim with prints, wall displays, easles, cables, lights, originals, books and supplies needed to make a sale while at the con. It's literally a Tetris game, and I have to harness my inner game to stack, and organize everything perfectly so it all fits.

This year, I've felt more prepared, but still nervous and excited to see what this years dragon-con may bring.

I'm excited to announce I'll have more originals, a better set-up and matted prints! There is something special about how a matted print looks and feels in your hands. It's the next best presentation to a frame, and your halfway there to hang it on the wall, or to place it on an easel on your work desk or your favorite alter. I didn't get to bring my matted prints last year, but this year I will, and for that I'm grateful.

After dragon-con I plan to post what I packed and how I set up for the show. I know many other artists out there are thinking about traveling and doing art shows, so I'd like to provide some feedback about how that can be done.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my post about my latest show. I look forward to this years dragon-con and whatever treasures the dragons of the universe have in store for me.

~ April

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