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Meet the 'Dragon Specialist' 

"Art is the sincere intention to research nature in all its natural glory, to gather ideas and inspiration for the betterment of bringing to life something new and fantastical."

~ April Solomon

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About April Solomon

In short you might say that April Solomon is a Dragon Specialist. Her meticulous creature designs are mostly inspired by the clever and concise understanding of anatomy, animals, plants, and other organic textures. This observational approach lends to the believability within her work known as  “fantastic realism.”

Mrs Solomon earned her bachelors with an emphasis in drawing and painting at the Laguna Collage of art and design. She has always catered to learning the old masters technique's in order to achieve the appearnce of quality through the art of drawing and painting. 

Having received recognition for her award winning illustrations after winning first place for the international contest know as the Writers & Illustrators of the Future award, she has freelanced for companies such as Chaosium, Hitpoint Press, Galaxy Press Publishing and DCD Collectables. April travels to various conventions in the United States such as: Wonder-con, Dragon-con, Illux-con and Monsterpalooza where she sells her original work to patrons and collectors for both private and public galleries. One of her most notable collectors is the Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach where one of her dragons proudly hangs on the walls on campus for its private collection. 

When she is not painting, she enjoys embracing the realm of nature, lifting weights, running, or exploring haunted house attractions during her favorite season in October.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to create creatures of fantasy and horror! Let's connect.

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