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Painting outdoors has its benefits..

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Painting outside for the first time in a long time was wonderful. I took Betty Sheltons watercolor class last semester at the Laguna College of Art and Design and it was truly beneficial.

With the proper tools and tricks given to me by Betty I was more confident to go out and do some landscape painting. I was amazing how relaxing it was. The sound of the birds, friends from school chatting, laughing, or quietly painting away, the wind blowing, people walking by, even the sound of the cars softened. I have to remember how calm this exercise made me feel. Like meditating with a brush in hand, I felt the benefits of painting outdoors and you can to with a little planning...

Be sure to bring the following...

1: paint -duh!

2: a water container for you guessed it, water.

3: brushes

4: pallet to paint on

5: paper or anything else you would like to paint on

6: collapsible easel or your lap well work just fine

7: a small chair to sit on (optional)

8: hat to protect your head from the sun

9: paper towels to wipe your brushes on (this keeps your water cleaner longer)

10: Food and water

11: camera to take a picture incase you need to finish up your painting indoors.

Pack light incase you decide to take a small hike and you don't want to be weighed down with to much stuff, oh yeah!... and have fun enjoying nature in all its benefits.

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