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Hello Patreon!

Since I made the announcement I was creating my own Patreon back in October 2020, I had no idea what a ride it would be. It's been awesome having an audience that holds you accountable to suit up and show up each week. I was sitting on the idea to start a Patreon for years! but, never took the leap.

It's been 6 months since I started this journey with friends, family, and strangers to literally take a chance on me, and support me regardless of the financial struggles that COVID has brought since 2020.

Patreon for me has guaranteed that I continue to produce each week. Before COVID, I was signing up for conventions in Southern California in order to get my work out there and to meet new people as well as stoke the fires of older ones. Wondercon, Desingercon, and Creative talent Network were my go-to. Knowing a convention was months away helped me break down my projects into bite-size pieces. With a due date set, I was able to create and produce works of art more consistently. Due dates can work wonders!

Once COVID hit, all shows were canceled and my productivity seemed to lessen. As an artist, I can tell you that this is the beginning of something dark, and depressing.

Which leads me to this great juncture of "what now?" Since 2020 many artists have now realized the value of not putting all their eggs in one basket. With not many alternative options I looked to start my own Patreon page once again. I realized Patreon could be useful in more than just one way, but in multiple ways! Having a community of people to hold me accountable each week was sure to help with my productivity, and make connections with fans who literally stand behind you each week to see what your gonna do next.

There are two very big projects I wish to complete, and thanks to the support of an audience, my productiveness has gone up!

If any artists are thinking about starting a Patreon, I would recommend that you ask yourself some questions...

  1. What's the main reason? money? the support of an audience? etc.

  2. Are there projects you wish to complete? is yes, how can the Patreon community help you with this?

  3. What honestly excites you about starting A Patreon?

In closing, I cant tell you how grateful I am to have the support of twenty-one patrons to this date.

I want to give a big shout-out to my incredible Patreons!


Mia Araujo

Mia Dietrich


Katrina Figgett

Tilen Koren

Suzanne Elkington

David Hoffrichter

Cindy Ramos


Stephanie Chacon

Daniela Gugg

Alexander Morrow


Caffeinated critter

Kirsten & Josh also Zelda

Amanda Barker

Cassandra Erskine

Gaylen Corbett


Sarah Wilding


Again, thank you so much to the following supporters for helping me stay productive, and holding me accountable week in and week out.

Times have gotten tough, and the strength of those around you is immeasurable. The power of a supportive community holds great weight during the toughest of times. I've taken it for granted before, I certainly hope to never do that again.

If your interesting in checking out my Patreon page and all the available tiers for viewing process images, videos, sketchbook pages, and exclusive Patreon merchandise check out the link to my Patreon below.

~ April

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