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This Year I'm finally going to Dragon-con 2022! The show runs from September 1st through the 5th in Atlanta Georgia. It's exhilarating for me considering it's well, a dragon convention. Need I say more!?

I've had to reconsider almost my entire booth setup because I'm traveling to another state and that means consolidating down to only three suitcases worth of product.

I'm also trying out new products this year such as large 40" x 30" tapestries. I've been extremely pleased with the results of my work being printed on large fabrics, and the product will be easy to pack cause it folds and doesn't break.

There will also be new original work for sale cause It is always more exciting to create something special for any kind of art show I'm attending.

I'm looking forward to sharing how the show went for me, as well as tips and tricks for packing for a convention out of state.

Ancient Forest Dweller - Acrylic on Wood panel 5" x 7"

Here is an image of one of the originals ill have for purchase at Dragon-con 2022. Hope you enjoyed the latest blog post! Thank you for continuing to follow my work.

~ April

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